Solution = aKos Mobile Remittance Gateway

The Mobile to Merchant to Cash Connection

At the intersection of the wireless and financial services industries that bridge international borders, aKos Technology Corporation has created a mobile money transfer service that targets the unbanked with mobile remittances. An emerging global market opportunity, “mobile remittances” refers to the convergence of wireless services and money-transfer technologies. Driven by this innovation, the global remittance industry is forecast to grow from $350B in 2007 to $1,000B in 2012.

In order to capitalize on this opportunity, aKos has created the aKos Mobile Remittance Gateway that allows seamless yet cost-effective, convenient and secure mobile remittance services via its unique methodology. aKos is the solution to monetize this untapped segment.

The aKos patent-pending Mobile to Merchant to Cash solution:

  • Allows a wireless subscriber the ability to send funds internationally from his mobile device where the recipient receives those funds in cash at merchants they already frequent

  • Requires no infrastructure changes

  • Is delivered as a turn-key solution

  • Does not require the recipient to have a mobile phone

  • Requires no bank account, credit/debit card, or financial instrument

  • Provides complete money-transfer regulatory compliance

  • Provides robust transactional security and physical safety

aKos has integrated this functionality with wireless carriers, financial institutions, merchants/retailers/POS and various strategic partners into a comprehensive ecosystem.